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Our services

Here you can find the list of our services with a brief description for each category separately. If you have any blur or enquiries concerning the service process you are free to contact us.


Below, you can find our entire pricelist in PDF format, and inside each category there is also a pricelist related only to the underlying category.

Photocopying in B/W and in color

We are photocopying on white, colored and paus paper, thermo foils and different kinds of labels. Paper that is printed or copied on can be from 80 to 260 gr. A huge selection of scripts and a fast student service. Photocopying is being done on digital photocopy machines Canon and Konica Minolta. We approve discounts on larger quantities and this is always negotiated separately.


We especially stress out the service of recollection of originals and free delivery to clients with who we sign a yearly contract.

Printing in B/W and in color

Printing services for formats from A5-A3 is being done on digital photocopying machines Canon and Konica Minolta. The speed of B/W A4 printing for few of our machines goes above 85 prints per minute and in color printing that number is 60 prints per minute.


The printing material is being enrolled via e-mail or on any other medium.

Binding and plasticizing

We offer services of spiral binding with plastic spiral, cord binding, binding into registrators and folders, thermo and hard binding. Spirals which can be used are from 4,5 to 54 mm width. We offer different colors of front and rear bind covers.


Thermal bind is excellent for small amount of papers being binded. To project bureaus the most interesting feature is binding the projects into registrators. Another service Daba copy centar offers is placing and sorting the sketches into folders with stapled battens after they have been copied and formatted.


We plasticize printed materials of different formats. Foils for plastification can be in matte or glossy variance and of different widths.

Photocopying, ploting, large format formatting in B/W or color

Daba copy centar is proud of its long-standing years of experience, quality and speed in working with large formats. Photocopying service of B/W large format copies is being done on laser machines which use the latest OCE, Canon and HP technology. Large formats are being photocopied at speed that can reach up to 7 m per minute onto paper of different gramatures and colors, paus paper and diverse film kinds.


Photocopying service of colored large format copies is being done on machines that have 42 inch width. Maximal lenght of the originals is unlimited. The most frequently used paper in this type of service are the white papers of diverse gramatures, photo-papers and painting canvases. When photocopying technical sketches the price is formed depending on occupancy of the ink that is on paper and on the type of paper that is being copied on.


Ploting B/W and in color on new Canon and OCE machines is done from following computer programs : AutoCAD, Corel, Photoshop, Office and many others. Formatting service includes the sorting of different format sizes on A4. Formatted materials are then stored in a folder or a registrator in accordance to the client preference. We tend to pick up the materials for students of architecture before they should hand them in and deliver them to their faculty at any desired time.

Small/large format scanning in B/W and in color

Scanning of A4 format is being done on Canon scanner and large formats (A3-A0) on OCE scanner. Scanned document can be trasfered to a format that client desires.

Presentation & promo materials

Developing high-quality templates for bussiness and project presentation purposes. Cassation of tables and pictures of diverse formats on kapafix of widths you choose. It is possible to plasticize and make a booklet or to print on a label at high resolution.


Developing and plasticizing of visit cards, flyers, brochures, printing on CD/DVD and labels of diverse formats. Possible offset printing in the case of a high fee.

Digital archiving

Lower the amount of data that you store on paper medium. Rationalize the space with a choice of storing and archiving your paper files with a help from our "Digital archiving" service to a medium of your choice. Save your old books or documents with their storing to a digital form.

Posters, banners & canvases

Photocopying, printing your pictures B/W or in color, on diverse types of paper, foils and with a choice of cassation onto a kapafix board.


For the best presentation of your bussiness, decoration of expositions in art galleries, product presentation... Digital print on canvases of your choice is being done on top-notch Canon printers with maximum print width of 107 cm and an unlimited lenght.